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In Intuwitchin you’ll learn how to...

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Living the essence of her teachings, the voice for Mother Nature, very few people carry the kind of high magik Mia does, it doesn’t get any bigger. This book will teach you how to commune, dialogue with all of life, and master the art of communicating with the universe.

About Mia Magik

Mia Magik promotes Modern Magik and Mother Nature, integrating ancient wisdom into today’s world. Committed to showing that “Witch” means “Wise,” she aids others in discovering their spiritual essence and inner guidance.

Over the past ten years, Mia has committed herself to the study of Yoga, meditation, Kabbalah, Tarot, mystic traditions, and other spiritual practices. She’s certified in multiple healing and coaching techniques including NLP and EFT Tapping.

She’s consulted for corporations like Redbull and YPO, and coached high-professionals, athletes and artists, guiding them towards their innate power and intuition.

Leading The Academy of Magikal Artistry, Mia has enabled countless individuals to harness their supernatural potential and the power of nature. She offers transformative experiences, tapping into Earth’s energy, ensuring purposeful and abundant living.