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In Intuwitchin you’ll learn how to...

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Living the essence of her teachings, the voice for Mother Nature, very few people carry the kind of high magik Mia does, it doesn’t get any bigger. This book will teach you how to commune, dialogue with all of life, and master the art of communicating with the universe.

"Mia Magik is my #1 resource for all things magic. Everyone's favorite witch on Instagram and beyond, she is a fairy- tale queen come to life. Her book is dearly needed."

About Mia Magik

Mia Magik is the headmistress and founder of Witch School, an online school of Magikal Artistry, and she leads retreats world-wide. 

Over the last decade, Mia has studied yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Kabbalah, ceremonial magik, priestess arts in th Tantric and Daoist traditions, crystal healing, and earth-based spirituality and witchcraft. 

She has worked as a spiritual life coach for industry leaders in technology, futurism,  film, and television; professional athletes, and coaches of all kinds to connect them with their personal IntuWitchin.