Join my FREE 5-Day activation to harness the Forces of Creation for manifesting the life of your dreams.

We start together March 12, 2024! Join below.

Join my FREE 5-Day activation to harness the Forces of Creation for manifesting the life of your dreams.

We start together March 12, 2024! Join below.

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Discover Your Universal Power

Have you been waiting for your greatest manifestations to come to fruition? The kind you’ve always dreamt about like divine union in relationship, a spiritually fulfilling career, more money for more freedom, or simply a more meaningful and magikal life? 

This 5-day activation will show you how to harness The infinite elemental forces of creation, the wind of our breath, water of our blood, earth of our bodies and fire of our power to remove any blocks that have hindered the flow of your abundance, creativity, sexuality and purpose!

What's in Store

Learn to build a relationship with the Universal Elements and connect with your personal elemental guides in a powerful meditation practice.

Join an optional Live Q&A to dive deeper into your journey.

Get out of your own way with this healing practice to embrace discomfort and unlock your true potential to manifest what you deeply desire in life.

Another opportunity for a Live Q&A to support your transformative experience.

Join me for a LIVE immersive Ritual experience of elemental transmissions, Q&A, and hot seat coaching to amplify the activation of these magikal gifts within you, solidify your intentions, and truly awaken your universal power to transform the trajectory of your life from here on out!

Hi, I’m Mia Magik,

If we haven’t met, I’m am here to welcome you to your most magikal life. As the Headmistress of the Academy of Magikal Artistry, I am so blessed to be living the soul’s purpose of guiding people just like you into their greatest power!

As a devotee to the Goddess in Her every form, my personal worship is to Mother Earth through bringing the ancient wisdom of harmony with our planet into spirituality, elemental magik and priestess arts in the Tantric and Daoist traditions. I have over 15 certifications in alternative healing modalities and coaching styles, such as Hatha Yoga, Zen and Vedic Meditation, NLP, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, and EFT Tapping. I’ve spent over a decade in deep study of Buddhism, Kabbalah, Divination, spiritual medicines, indigenous mysticism, crystal healing, Reiki and so much more.

At the beginning of my journey I was just following the breadcrumbs and the North Star of my soul, now I realize it was ALL so I can be the Fairy GoddessMother for your transformational journey into your most divine, magnificent self.

Think of me as a young Professor McGonagall, your personal teacher of internal Transfiguration.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re ready to elevate your life and reality into one filled with magik, love, abundance, profound worthiness, and unapologetic authenticity.

Join me on this powerful journey into becoming your most magikal self ✨

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