June 18 - 24, 2024

Devonshire, United Kingdom

Dive deep into your personal growth and transformation at this 5-night, 6-day immersive retreat nestled in the enchanting Countryside Castle along the River Eve.

 Here, amidst the whispers of ancient wisdom and the nurturing embrace of nature, you’ll embark on a soul-stirring journey led by Mia Magik.

Through powerful rituals and heart-opening practices, you’ll be gently guided to break open, shedding layers that no longer serve you, to reveal the raw, beautiful essence of your being.

In this sacred space of vulnerability and strength, the collective love and support will weave you back together, piece by piece, into a more authentic, empowered, and magikal version of yourself. Prepare to emerge transformed, with a renewed sense of purpose and connection to your deepest self.

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About the Location

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, our castle has been a silent witness to the pivotal roles women have played throughout its history, intertwined with tales that hint at the mystical and the magical. From the formidable Isabella de Redvers, known as the ‘Lady of the Isle’, to Lady Margaret de Bohun, a scholar and collector of books, these women were not just mere inhabitants but pivotal characters who infused the castle with their strength, intellect, and perhaps, a touch of magik. Their legacy is imbued within the ancient stones, suggesting a past where the boundaries between the earthly and the ethereal were intertwined, making it an ideal sanctuary for those seeking a retreat into the realms of magik and female empowerment.

The transformation of the castle over the centuries, from a fortified stronghold to a beacon of culture and learning, further underscores its enchanting allure. The tales of Princess Katherine Plantagenet, with her fondness for children and her connections to figures like Ann Boleyn, evoke an era where the castle served as a haven for the noble and the nurtured alike, perhaps even as a clandestine gathering place for those attuned to the ancient ways of magik. Today, this countryside castle, with its storied past and preserved beauty, offers a serene and inspiring backdrop for a women’s magikal retreat, where the echoes of powerful women and mystical tales provide a rich tapestry for exploration and enchantment.

Are you ready for your initiation?

This will be a week to remember for the rest of your days.

Come claim your most Magikal life.

Enter another dimension, where IntuWitchin, wizardry, wildness and wonder are welcome. Where you are safe to be in your Magik and your fullest expression is not only accepted, but encouraged.

This is an invitation for your Goddess/God, the Queen/King inside of you to be worshiped, revered, seen and held, in all your majesty and magnificence.

Over the course of beautifully curated and profoundly powerful days, in a remote and mystical private estate, you will dive deep into magical practice, ritual, ceremony and priestess arts with Mia Magik.

Prepare to meet your edges, dance with the divine inside of you, fall head over heels in love with yourself, your unique gifts, and a conscious community of like minded sisters & brothers…

One of the greatest gifts of my retreats is how the groups are all still connected. They get tattoos together, go on trips, and hopefully after this one, witness eachother finding their soulmate, whether within or without…
We will move through blocks that have previously held us back from embodying our essential nature.

What's Included?

Luxurious accommodation in a Countryside Castle

Nutritious, soul-nourishing meals prepared with love

Two adventure-filled days exploring sacred sites

Daily rituals and practices to awaken your inner magik

Creative workshops for crafting and self-expression

Elemental activations to align with nature's forces

A supportive community of like-minded women

Sacred ceremonies for deep spiritual connection

Transportation To & From London-Heathrow Airport

Sample Schedule:

9am:  Connection Workshop
11am: Brunch
12pm: Elemental Activation
2pm: Breathwork in the Faerie Temple
Afternoon Tea and Snacks
4pm: Transformative Coaching
6:30pm: Dinner
9pm: Moonlit Practice

This Retreat Is For You If:

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You’ll Leave This Retreat With

Secure Your Spot

June 18 - 24, 2024

*Please note: Reservations are held by payment and the completion of a short application.You may be selected for a discovery call with Mia to help complete the application selection process.Your reservation will only be confirmed if your application is successful.If unsuccessful, your holding fee will be refunded back to you.


Please note the following terms and conditions for all payments towards your retreat experience:

  1.  If you cancel due to COVID restrictions (meaning that your country’s borders are legally closed and you can not travel to Scotland for the retreat), your full payment will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date
  2. If the retreat is canceled by Mia Magik due to COVID or for any other reason your full payment amount will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.
  3. If you cancel due to any personal reason up to 90 days prior to the date of the retreat you will be eligible for a 50% refund.
  4. Should you cancel for any personal reason after July 9th, 2023 there are no refunds offered, hence our recommendation for travel insurance which will cover those losses for you.
  5. If you test positive for COVID prior to your arrival and have to cancel due to this matter, you will forfeit a deposit amount of $2500 of your booking, the rest of which will be transferred to a future retreat within 1 year of the scheduled retreat start date.
  6. All payments are final and all payment plans are a legal commitment to pay in full.

Single Occupancy:

$5,500 – Private Room with Ensuite
$5000- Private Room Shared Bathroom
$4,500 – Shared Room Shared Bathroom

Payment plans are available at checkout.
If your application is not accepted for any reason, your deposit will be fully refunded.

Transportation to and from the retreat will be provided from London-Heathrow Airport on June 18th and June 24th. If you are traveling a far distance, it is highly suggested that you arrive a couple days before the retreat begins to help adjust to the time change.
No, there are no refunds. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance with “Cancel For Any Reason” protection. Remember, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any insurance policy to understand what is covered and what is not.

Questions? Email team@miamagik.com