October 7-12, 2024


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Wild Woman, You’ve Heard the Call

There is a primal power awakening inside you, that can no longer remain contained.

Ground yourself in the primordial potency of my homeland, the Redwood Forest, for a week of ancient, alchemical embodiment practice to ignite the flames of your fierce feminine wisdom.

Join Me and your soul sisters as we receive the resplendent, immortal mysticism of the Redwoods.

Reawaken your resilience to withstand the fires of life, graciously guided by the greatest teachers of healing potential.

Integrate the growth of these brilliantly balanced beings to honor the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within you.

Set on 4000 acres of protected woodlands, within the traditional territories of the Northern Pomo people, this retreat is your opportunity to connect with your preternatural power and wild woman essence.


Awaken your primal spirit through song, dance, drumming, sacred ritual, prayer, and uninhibited celebration of your witchy wisdom.

Are you Ready to…


I’ve been to many places, I’ve worked with many teachers, and this was the most transformative experience of my life.”

I’ve worked with Mia before, so it was a no-brainer to join her on retreat, I knew I would come out a different person and I have. I recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone, Mia’s teachings transform your whole life to remember and be who you really are!”

My magic is within me and it always has been, I just forgot about it. Being around Mia, through the activities she leads, talking with her, and watching her embody herself so fully, helped me remember who I am. And that has been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me”

My favorite part was being able to heal the wounds I didn’t even know I had. Mia is my Professor McGonogall, and this retreat is proof that my deams can come true. My dream is right here, right now.”

Wild woman are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet. If you have met one, hold on to her, she'll allow you into her chaos but she'll also show you her magic.”

What's Included?

Elemental activations to align with nature's forces

Daily rituals and practices to awaken your inner magik

Sacred ceremonies for deep spiritual connection

One-on-one coaching with Mia Magik (a $10K value!)

Nutritious, soul-nourishing meals from local faire

Permaculture info sessions with our Ceremonial Chef

Adventure-filled days exploring forests and lakes

Sacred sisterhood

A Glimpse into Your Day on Retreat

9:00 AM - Connection Workshop

Experience being seen and understood like never before in a safe space where vulnerability is met with empathy, honoring every story and fostering deep connections with those who celebrate your journey.

11:00 AM - Brunch

Fuel your journey with a sumptuous brunch crafted from locally sourced, hand-harvested ingredients, offering a bounty of nutritious delights to energize your soul-work ahead.

12:00 PM - Activation Ritual

Elevate your energy and align your spirit with a powerful activation of somatic movement, breathwork or self-touch designed to unlock new levels of consciousness.

3:00 PM - Afternoon Tea & Snacks

Take a pause to reflect and recharge with intentionally selected teas and wholesome snacks, including locally harvested honey and regional fruit jams, nurturing both body and spirit.

4:00 PM - Transformative Coaching

Dive deep into personal growth Mia’s trademark one-on-one coaching method where you’ll explore new dimensions of yourself and uncover the necessary path forward.

6:30 PM - Forest Fairy Dinner

Adorn yourself in your most enchanting attire to celebrate the day’s journey with dishes inspired by the wilderness around us.

9:00 PM - Moonlit Practice

Conclude your day under the stars with a sacred ceremony that connects you with the celestial energies and deepens your spiritual journey.

Cherish every moment of this intentionally crafted day to awaken your inner wildness, unlock your deepest strengths, and journey further into the heart of your Wild Wisdom

At the close of this Wild Wisdom retreat, you will depart with:


At the Wild Wisdom Retreat, you’ll find a variety of accommodations that blend rustic charm with communal warmth.

Cozy cabins offer the perfect setting with shared rooms for those seeking a sleepover vibes with sacred sisters. For those craving solitude, private rooms provide a sanctuary amid the forest’s embrace. And for the true adventurers, tent camping is available, allowing you to slumber under the stars and awaken to the forest’s early murmurs. Whether nestled in a cabin or cozied up in a tent, you’ll find the space that speaks to your soul’s needs.

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October 2024


Private Room with Ensuite Bathroom $4444

Private Room with Shared Bathroom $3999

Queen Bed Shared Room with Shared Bathroom $3,555

Double Bed Shared Room with Shared Bathroom $3,444

Twin Bed Shared Room with Shared Bathroom $3,333

Camping Option: Bring Your Own Tent/Camper $2,222

All Meals Included.
Transportation to the retreat is not included. 

Payment plans are available at checkout. If your application is not accepted for any reason, your deposit will be fully refunded.
No, there are no refunds. We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance with “Cancel For Any Reason” protection. Remember, it’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any insurance policy to understand what is covered and what is not.

The retreat is located on Lake Leonard Reserve in Mendocino Country, California, USA.

The easiest way to access the retreat center is via car.

There are multiple airports in a 2 to 4 hour radius from the retreat center including San Franciso, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, and Oakland.

We will open up a group chat 30 days prior to the retreat for attendees to organize car pools from different areas to help with costs and sustainability.

Yes! We have camping spot available at check-out with access to bathrooms in the main house. 

Questions? Email team@miamagik.com

October 2024

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