Harness the Power of the Moon to Step Into Your Most Aligned Self in 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned moon ritualist or just starting your lunar journey, these Moon Magik rituals promise to unfold layers of mystical wisdom, awakening the potent magik within you that resonates with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Each Activation is a one-hour experience that includes a combination of meditation, visualization, somatic movement, and unique activations related to the particular astrological archetype of the current moon cycle.

This is your chance to drop into a completely new and unique ritual with Mia Magik, connect with like-minded souls from across the globe, and share your experience with the group if you feel called to do so.

Replays are always sent out via email if you cannot attend the call live or want to revisit the experience. Click the link below to join the next Moon Magik Ritual!

Taurus New Moon Ritual

May 7, 2024 

By harnessing the stable, nurturing energy of Taurus, we will connect deeply with the earth and channel its supportive forces to manifest our desires. In this ritual, we focused on setting practical goals, indulging in sensory experiences, nurturing self-care practices, and embodying qualities of stability, security, and perseverance. This ritual invites you to embrace the sensual pleasures of life, honor your relationship with the natural world, and cultivate a sense of gratitude for the abundance that surrounds you, paving the way for growth and manifestation in the lunar cycle ahead.


First New Moon of the Year in Capricorn

January 11, 2024 

Set powerful intentions for the New Year. The New moon is for planting the seeds of renewed vows you’ve made to yourself in harmonious balance between masculine and feminine.


Year of
the Dragon

February 2024

This ceremony cultivates an atmosphere of power and prosperity, fostering a mindset that attracts new opportunities and abundance, opening doors to unimagined possibilities.


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